Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Response to Kate Bush Q Magazine interview, 1993.

Kate Bush's music has always been around me. I grew up to it, falling asleep to the 'Hounds of Love' album and dreaming of finding my own Heathcliff to 'Wuthering Heights'. Browsing through an assortment of Kate related bits and bobs online, I stumbled upon a 1990s interview with Q magazine that I hadn't read before. In this interview, she criticizes her early work stating "There's a lot of anger in it. There's a lot of 'I'm an artist, right!". The interviewer mentions the "very stirring" song 'Oh England My Lionheart' to a crushing response of "It makes me just want to die." I can understand an artist's self critique, but the way she speaks about the music I love unsettles me.

My love for her music adopts such a fierce passion for the work, that I find myself barking at the very woman who created the music so important to me. Perhaps when I myself am at a point when I'm "older than I was" I shall too look back on the creations that I am proud of now and see them as scrabbling attempts at mature achievement. But perhaps, also, there will always be someone who'll still appreciate the work for it's young honesty. Not that I've created anything close to Kate Bush's stunning discography- the odd unfinished painting, articles, rambling lyrics in the backs of notepads- but if young Kate has taught me anything it is that life is beautiful and everyone is important. She sings about mothers and children, not (just) movie stars and politicians. Albums like The Red Shoes put me in the center of my own universe, watching fleeting memories and stories dance around my ears as she escorts me through other worlds, each character attaching themselves to me and relating themselves to my fantasies.

At the end of all this, there isn't much to conclude. I like Oh England and The Dreaming, and she doesn't. Or didn't in 1993. No matter- I don't like her new album! Love you really Kate, but don't be so hard on yourself. 

Long live Queen Kate!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Katy Perry's 'ROAR'. Less Lion- more Hello Kitty?

On August 2nd, KatyPerryVEVO uploaded this clip. It shows her silently lighting her famous blue wig on fire. I had mixed feelings about this, as I do like her upbeat pop songs and she is one of very few popstars that I like. In fact I can think of no other. And I see no reason for her to destroy her alter ego, as David killed Ziggy. But I was also excited to see what she'd come out with. Instead of more "mature" music such as boring ballads I was hoping to see a rockchic Katy. Something more like when she was working with "The Matrix", before she became the blue-haired "Californian Girl" that made her famous.

What was released on Monday however was so disappointing. Here is a list of why.

1. The tone of song

The tune is of the boring poppy sound that one would expect from a hasbeen popstar making a bid for popularity amoungst young girls. It isn't what I can imagine a club blasting, nor what an avid music fan would buy into. Katy is in the prime of her youth and still in popular demand- therefore I would expect a tune much more imaginative than the doopdedoo of "roar".

2. Unimaginative lyrics

Her lyrics in this song do in way compare to her talents demonstated in songs like "The one that got away" and  "I'm still breathing". I don't know how much of this song was down to her responsible talents,  but with my unwavering faith in KP, I expect more from her future releases.

3. Outdated use of autotune

Come on Katy. Autotune isn;t cool anymore, and I know you have the vocal ability to do it yourself. Roar isn't a dance track anyway, so leave it out, yeah?

4. Emoticon video

The first glimpse of the song I was pleasured to witness was in the form of the lyric video, which only aided my distaste. I am unsure what she was attempting to achieve with the use of 'emoticons' to portray the ingenious lyrics, except that it is nostalgic to me as I think of the old times staying up all night on Bebo and MSN, Remember that? Hardly? Yeah, me too.

5. More preteenpoppy than before!

Basically, KP's new sound is more ridiculous and pre-teen poppy than before. If anything she has narrowed her demographic significantly. So much for this "ROAR" of serious music!

6. P.S, it  sounds just like another!

From what I can gather from the online reviews that have beaten me to it, the song is a replica of Sara Bareilles’ “Brave". I looked up both and played them side by side, and the intros certainly do have an uncanny similarity. Although it must be said that with all the songs in the world, repeated tunes are a certainty. 

I don't know! Perhaps it will grow on me! Please Katy, do win my trust back, I do enjoy your existence so much.

Doctor Who - the true example of personality by birth?

The nature vs nurture complex has been debated for an undecidedly long time. I'm no psychology expert but I believe the idea is to question whether traits such as personality and lifestyle are created at birth, or developed over time by upbringing and environment, nurture.

Doctor Who would suggest  that a person is born with a body and personality, rather than  materialized from a lifetime. Each regeneration is a new birth, a new body. He also comes with a brand new spanking personality, though his past never changes. His memories, knowledge and experiences never change, but never affect his personality.

I wish I could say this is proof but it is unfortunately a mere observation. 

Who was your favourite Doctor? And do you wish you could regenerate?

Monday, 24 June 2013

Senior Teen

Senior Teen
Taken one year ago.
I find it hard enough to remember that I'm not 17 anymore, let alone that my first year of young freedom is up now. I set to myself that I must make my last teenage year count- but if it were half as brilliant as my 18th annum that would be bloody wicked and a year well done. Paying rent and working full time- suffice it to say that my childhood is well and truly up, if not my kidulthood. But not for one minute do I wish I were back in my school days. 

Fewer and fewer songs are becoming relevant to me. Here is are the songs that have mapped my adolescence so far. 
Please not that this is not a list of all the bands I have seen live or all the music I like, yet that which I feel inappropriate for me to listen to now unless in nostalgia. In melodramatic terms.

  • 11, and my first concert. Avril Lavigne was spectacular and I cried a bit. I saw her 2004 at wembley and as I said to Mum I'd never seen so many people that all looked like Avril. Nailpin supported. I didn't like that I had to take the cap off of my bottle of water. 

  • Billy Idol's Sweet sixteen was the best thing about being 16. I think I was 16 when I saw him live too.

  • Being 17 was rather terrible apart from the girl in Mcfly's 'That Girl' had "just turned 17" so that made it kind of okay. I was also blonde just to suit the song even more.
Me at 17 (with Hayley P)
  • When I turned 18 I didn't know what to do with my life and I was only earning £30 a week. This didn't bother me however as college was over and I went to the pub every night. I was also newly single and so being free, 18 and single all at once for the first time was very exciting. In the words of Alice Cooper- "I'm eighteen and I don't know what I want"
  • This is a song which shall soon not apply to me. Well I'm not sure how to handle that.
  • I feel I am dangerously close to meeting my childhood friends and pondering how strange it is to be fully grown. Bloody hell I might even have a baby to bring.

That's the end. 

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Stay up late. A simple thing everyone has the right to!

We all know that there are several things in life that we take for granted. One of these 'little things' is the option to stay up late. And I don't just mean going to bed late at home, I mean going to the pub, going out for dinner and staying out for drinks, going clubbing. I can't imagine a life that would end at 10pm every day, but that's simply reality for thousand of people with learning disabilities. These people rely on their carers in getting out and enjoying a social lifestyle, but the social workers are just that- workers- and usually finish work at 10pm. Which is of course fair, everyone that works needs a regular finish time to go home. But this leaves disabled people with an early bedtime and never seeing the encore of a band. I don't think I've ever even seen a popular band that's begun a set before 9, or a nightclub that's lively before 11. 

StayUpLate.org are publicizing this downfall in the care industry, and hold events run by people with learning disabilities and open to everyone. And just to make them even cooler, it was started by a punk band. 

Do you know any disabled folk who'd be interested in one of these nights? Check out the website and share it- whether you do or not. I for one had certainly never considered that some of us aren't in control of our social lives, and everyone should know about this to try and bring about some changes. 

The next doctor who????/?

I was planning to write this up tomorrow. But have since heard rumours that the new Doctor will be announced tomorrow??? Tomorrow being Saturday 08/06/13. Which it already is but after no sleep the calender for me pauses, and awaits a fresh and glorious morning. 
I make no attempt in claiming to be sober during the typing of this entry.
So basically- MY ENTIRIES FOR THE 12th DOCTOR are as follows....

6. Jennifer Saunders.

Mrs Jennifer Who
Well come on. Who wouldn't want this to happen? As toxically deadly as this would be for the BBC and the percieved serious austeryity of Doctor Who, I would pay a fair bob+shilling to witness the female interpretation of the "sonic screwdriver". If not a radiantly glowing orange and vodka, then what else could the name possibly imply? I love Jen Saunders and i'm sure she'd be right up for a go at the ol' time travel. 
See. He hasn't a fucking clue what to do with it.

5. Rupert Grint
This old face
Okay well this would never happen in a million years but for the sake of an argument I had at the pub just now, lets say he were a candidate. Yes it would fulfill the fantasy of a ginger Doctor as he has always wished; but at 24, he is too young. 'Tis too soon to break the record of youngest Doctor, as Matt Smith should rightfully remain crown of this title until someone really worthy- more worthy than a rat goblet conjurer- comes along.

4. Ella Woods.

Another female candidate. Yes the Tardis may be due for an unanticipated makeover in pink decor- bu aside from the ill-advised choice of colour scheme; a sensitive empathetically in-tune Doctor would well suit the void in which Matt Smith will leave (brb crycry).  Ella is fab she is intelligent and will pursue the most difficult of conclusions despite whatever difficult obstacles may arise. Love inspires her, but not so much as the trail of hope for the pathetic and desperate she leaves behind. Well done Doctor Woods.

3.  David Karp (Tumblr Founder)

yes plz

He already has the hair and the huge online following and he's absolutely gorgeous and I love him.

2. Maurice Moss (I.T Crowd)

Socially awkward nerd Maurice Moss, played by Richard Ayoade  could definitely be the Doctor. All his geeky little dreams would come true although I can see him getting into more trouble than good. Not sure how much the Tardis would love being turned off and on again every time she malfunctions though.

1. Jarvis Cocker

Yes it's an old picture but hey time travel
This sexy little indie king can take me for a spin around the universe any time. He would rescue all the misfitted losers from the cool kids and we'd be seeing a lot more of Sheffield. And just think how many times he could visit in the year 2000. He epitimizes the British eccentiricity of which the Doctor has also revolved around. And while we're at it, Jarvis for president too.

Monday, 3 June 2013

A horrifically heart breaking story I wrote when I was 11.

Thursday 11th November 2004

The Horse Without a Name.

* Circus pony, liver chestnut, young, thoroughbred.

He was wandering- wondering who he was. The Circus Manager thought he was a beauty, caught him and sent him to the animal tent.
He was beat every day and was fed very little. He began to die and he still did not have a name. He was Nobody.
He was rescued by a little girl named Pippa, and she was 11 years old.
One day, the stable that Pippa kept him in was alight [with fire]! Quickly, Pippa opened the door and he galloped out into the horizon. Pippa never saw him again.
He stopped in a field, somewhere near Cornwall, and he called in a high pitched neigh, and then flopped to the ground.
Gypsies found him and kept him suffering until one night he escaped.